Wednesday, 25 November 2009

My love for shoes- Topshop aggie boots!!

I'm sooo excited.. I finally managed to get my hands on these yummy topshop boots. My first attempt failed miserably, I was shopping for them online as all the stores seem to have sold out. I was delighted to see that they had my size in stock but when I got to the check out it said 'sold out'! I could have cried :(. Anyhoo... the following Monday I managed to get them online to only find out my brothers girlfriend gets 25% off, So i waited for them to arrive, took them to the store returned and re-bought them at 25% off. Long winded I know... but I managed to get a bargain!!

I'm off to see New Moon tonight.. has anyone seen it as yet? Its not received good reviews from what I have read, but I'm a huge fan so Ill like it either way!! (I hope)

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