Monday, 23 November 2009

Long time no blog...

Hey guys how yall doing? Gosh Ive not updated this blog in yonks!!

So here's a huge update for you all.

I took a small break from photography so I could get on with other business and also to get some test shoots done. I also started up two new blogs (Ill get to those later down)

During my break I was taking on retouching work which I found a little boring as I was retouching everyone else's great work and not my own, but on a plus my retouching skills have gotten better and better, I have learnt some great new skills which I'm over the moon about. Sometimes you need a break from doing what you love to give yourself some time to refresh your ideas and realise how much you love it!

The fall has bought me some great work, this time of year always gets very busy and I'm happy to be shooting again, as soon as things die down I plan to start testing again too, there are so many things I want to work on and I have been gathering up ideas and am raring to go! The short break has done me good.

I have always been a lover of skincare so I decided to start a beauty, skincare and makeup reviews blog ( I'm very passionate about skin and believe if you look after it you'll gain in the long run. The blog was something I thought id do because I think its important for all busy woman to know about all the great skincare products out there and all the great quick fixes you can use on a daily basis to help your skin that one step further. Please visit the blog, I really hope what I post helps you guys and feel free to comment and leave feedback :)

I also made a sister blog called Wowzashoes ( I'm also crazy about shoes, so this is blog is all about current shoe trends, who's doing what in terms of great shoes, shoe bargains, cheaper alternatives to designer styles and much more. If you're a shoe lover I recommend you check it out, I update on a daily basis.

Anyhoo... I wont babble on but I do plan to start blogging here again too. I have missed updating what I have been getting up to and posting all about my shoots.

Ciao for now

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