Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Learn it, Live it, LOVE IT!!

So... things have been really hectic the last couple of months...

Me & Chantelle have been putting together our next series of shoots that we want to work on. After shooting the amazing 'Albinism' series that was featured in 'Lifescape magazine' it made us realise we really wanted to work on shoots with amazing storylines and issues that can be turned into something beautiful.

Ive not been feeling too good the last week or so.. So I have just been concentrating on getting better and gettting the ball rolling for what in store over the next few months.
Im still on a health kick too.. Ive noticed eating and working out really does help with everyday energy and well being.

Im also addicted to reading at the moment... Ive always been a book worm especially if I read something that gets me hooked. After reading all of Stephanie Mayers Twilight saga Ive moved onto the classics and am Reading Jane Austen. As much as I loved Stephanie Mayers books I really needed something a little more challenging to read. Im currently reading 'Mansfield Park' and quite liking it.. I must say Im not as hooked as I was when I was reading The Twilight sagas but I think that says more about my love for 'Edaward Cullen' and not my love for reading LOL. I have a huge list of books I want to read and the list seems to get larger everyday.

Moving on... I discovered these amazing designers who make the most fabulous leather jackets check them out http://www.mikeandchris.com/. There jackets are amazing.. I have to own one... Ive always been quite a little fashionista but have noticed recently that my wardorbe needs a update... So I am officially on a major shopping spree for new clothes, bags, acessories etc. I cant wait.

Anyhoo.. thats all for now


p.s check out my interview with bloggers Ohh la lavely - http://oohlalavely.tumblr.com/post/158824054/interview-with-photographer-priya-sonn-priya


HIP HOP said...
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sarah Louise said...

im getting back into watching movies! still got to get back to the books!