Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Priya Sonn Retouching

Hey Guys

Just to let you all know I am now taking on retouching work...whislt im concentrating on my own portfolio I will be taking on retouching work please check out my examples (more to come) also all my work is retouched by myself. I offer great deals on 5+ Images too.



Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Lifescape magazine editorials

Hey all

I have two editorials in the July issue of Lifescape magazine... One is a beauty spread and the other is a fashion with a political write up On Albinism. Its a really beautiful shoot with an amazing article please have a read.

I will post up screen shots when the mag is out... Lifescape can be bought online @ lifescapemag.com or in Borders.

Enjoy and I would love all your feedback on the spreads



Monday, 15 June 2009

Exciting things ahead and future progress....

Hey guys...

Im really excited as Ive seen the pages of my mag features for July.. They look HOT!!! I cant wait till there in print!!!!

Also... Ive apodted a healthy lifestyle, Ive been a little bit of a health freak for a while now but sometimes routines can slip. Over easter my eating habbits just got really bad and it reflected on my general health. I have now got back into routine and feel great, I have alot more energy too which is what I need.

At the moment im eating healthy without snacking.. and if I do snack its on raw veg, fruit and dried fruit too. (Organic dried mango is yummy) Im eating Brown rice and salad and opting for lighter evening meals as appose to heavy ones.
Drinking smoothies for breaky is also helping as I dont feel hungry too soon after a good smoothie.

Im also running everyday which is really helping my lower body strength, I also try and pump weights when I can in the week for around 20mins to really work on my upper body strength. All in all im liking this new lifestyle of working out and watching what I eat. Overall energy is fab which I love!! on a downer.. My hayfever is killing me!! LOL

Shooting is going great with some really fab shoots lined up.. getting on the ball and cant wait to see results.

Also a few weeks ago I had an email from one of my photography idols Nisha Kutty (http://www.nishakutty.com/)

Nisha is a female asian Photographer based in New York and Bombay.. It was so lovely to hear from her, I had to read the email quite a few times before I even believed she had written to me.. amazing lady who gave me some really good advice which I have taken into consideration for my future projects.

Hope yo Londoners are enjoying this fab weather.. I am!!!

ciao for now


Monday, 8 June 2009

Customise your own!!!

Hey guys

Myself and Chantelle did a fab shoot the other day with customised sunglasses. I made 2 pairs and chantelle made one pair. We also used a pair of un- customised glasses which were fabulous.

It was a really fun shoot and just goes to show how creative you can be when you really put your mind to it. Unfortunatly I always felt I was only creative when my camera was invloved... How wrong was I???..... I loved the glasses that I made and will deff incorporate customising things myself for future creative shoots.

There are so many pics for me to go through. I edited a few on the day which I now will go bk and re-edit properly (Im a perfectionist like that)
Hear are some behind the scene shots and One finished shot.