Friday, 15 May 2009

The Twilight Books...

I watched the Twilight film for the first time around 3 weeks ago....Considering I thought it was just another 'Underworld' 'Blade' style Vampire movie... How wrong was I?

Im not really into romance films I prefer action, thrillers and all that jazz type of films.. But I could not believe how much I loved the film. I fell inlove with Edward Cullen.. who hasnt?
So anyway a friend of mine also a major twilight freak like myself was reading the books and told me I should invest. So I went and bought the books, all 4 of them.. and believe or not I have not been able to put them down... they are really amazing books... I wouldnt say they are the most difficult books in the English lanuage to read but they are a really good read and the film relates so much to them its uncanny how you picture it in your mind whilst reading.
So girlies... if you all have fell inlove with a vampire like I have I suggest you go and get the books I really enjoyed reading.. which has put me behind on my work as I have not been able to put them down!!!!



Leila Marvel said...

Yes love Twilight, I thought it was going be an ok vamp movie for teens, but i am so in love with edward, just the chemistry between bella and edward is wonderful. I am on New Moon now, really good, they read so fast.

Priya Sonn said...

I read mine soo fast...

New moon and Breaking Dwan are my fave, Breaking dawn gets really interesting... I wont spoil it for you but deff a good read!! he he