Friday, 29 May 2009

New Hair and Loving it!!!

Nothing to do with my work.. But I have new Hair and I love it!!! LOL
Will post a blog about work next week

Ciao for now yall.....
p.s Check out my feature in the June 09 Issue of Practical Photography.. fab article with some fab talent!!!!! available in whsmiths, Borders and all supermarkets!!!! :-)

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Practical Photography June 09 Feature!!

Hey Yallll
I was featured In the June 09 Issue of Practical Photography.

The feature Titled 'Young, Female and Talented' consists of 7 Different artists and their self portriats. I was so happy to be asked to be apart of this.
Its a really good read and a fab article and very different from the norm as Psychologist 'David Moxon' gives his views on each portrait and the defence Mechanism behind them... Interesting stuff!
Get your copy of PP and have a read :-)



Friday, 15 May 2009

The Twilight Books...

I watched the Twilight film for the first time around 3 weeks ago....Considering I thought it was just another 'Underworld' 'Blade' style Vampire movie... How wrong was I?

Im not really into romance films I prefer action, thrillers and all that jazz type of films.. But I could not believe how much I loved the film. I fell inlove with Edward Cullen.. who hasnt?
So anyway a friend of mine also a major twilight freak like myself was reading the books and told me I should invest. So I went and bought the books, all 4 of them.. and believe or not I have not been able to put them down... they are really amazing books... I wouldnt say they are the most difficult books in the English lanuage to read but they are a really good read and the film relates so much to them its uncanny how you picture it in your mind whilst reading.
So girlies... if you all have fell inlove with a vampire like I have I suggest you go and get the books I really enjoyed reading.. which has put me behind on my work as I have not been able to put them down!!!!


Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Elizabeth Arnold London

Ive been meaning to write this blog for days...

A couple of weeks ago I did the look book for the fabulous Elizabeth Arnold.

Elizabeth (Libby) Is in her final year at LFC. I shot her A/W 09 Rebellion collection. Myself and Libby went to college together many years back. I was thrilled when she asked if I would do her lookbook for her shoe collection. Her style of shoe design is amazing, creative and not to mention just plain and simply fabulous. I was secretly hoping she would leave the shoes behind hahhah. Not that they would fit me.

We shot studio product shots of the shoes and also did legs shots outdoors. Unfortuantly the weather was not on our side but I think we did ok considering

Here are a few finished shots from the shoot.

I edited them in a few different ways to have more choice as you can see.

Elizabeth Arnold a name you will deff be hearing very soon... With offers from Top shoe designer Jimmy Choo im sure Libby will have a promisng career.

I know I will be bugging libby to make me some shoes. lol