Thursday, 30 April 2009

Things I love!!!!

Hey dude's and dudette's!!

How yall doing? Im dying to put up new work that I have done but cant as its all magazine submissions!! DAMMIT!! anyhoo... you'll all get to see it all soon.
Ive been extremely busy working on my portfolio and getting some tearsheets... as well as my normal busy work schdule. Im lucky enough to get some really good paid assignments but unfortunatly nothing I would want to put in my portfolio :-(

So dont under estimate me...I have NOT dissapeared. Now that Im sattified with the magazines submisions over the next few months I will be working on my port. I have loads of shoots planned and some fab ideas I really want to work on woooohoooo I cant wait to get cracking!! LOL
Anyway... Here are some things I Adore like crazy!!!! Twilight is pretty new as I only watched It yesterday... deff a film that will stick always!!

Im sure there is plenty more but I cant think of all at the moment!!! LOL
I did a shoot with a fabulous shoe designer on tues.. I will post up a blog with pics 2mo.
ciao for now


Amy Allen said...

Looking forward to seeing the mag submissions :)


Priya Sonn said...

Thanks amy.. me too he he