Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Deep Thoughts!!

As I sit here and began to write this blog.. all sorts of thoughts looming and I cant help but wonder... does being Ethnic mean I will loose out on certain things, job opportunitys, etc? I mean lets be real..as much as the world has changed you still get the odd narrow minded person who will shun you because of your skin colour.
Im not at all pulling a race card... just expressing what I have indeed experienced in the past!!! and believe me I have experienced my fair share of it!!!!

Im a facebook socialite.... I must say I do enjoy networking on the site... I have also been lucky enough to meet many of my clients on there too...

I was browsing through the other day and came across and facebook group, I dont even know how such a group was even allowed to be made " British jobs for Real British people" ok so maybe im a little rusty on what certain people think "real British people are" but I pretty sure that was a dig at Ethnics... So I went on to read some of the comments on the group (which by the way was a really bad idea, as I was only going to get really annoyed.) The comments were just damn right rude!!! I was overly affended!!
Now me being real as always.. would have thought those people would be more annoyed at MP's who buy things for thier home eg. Fully fitted kitchens, plug holes, Porn Dvd's and much more out of tax payers money than be annoyed at ethnic people working and paying thier taxes???

just something I really needed to air out!!!

Rant over

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