Friday, 6 March 2009


Hiya Guys,

Wow I have really just not keept up to date with my blog...

Things have been manic since the new year.. I was really lucky as nov/dec I had the most amount of work but so much that it left me quite ill... I really did need to learn how to slow down.

At the moment I have a few projects in the pipe lines... some magazine projects, which I am extremely excited about... Im really not the kind of person to boast about things as sometimes you look extremely stupid when you say things but they are just NOT as they are!!

Submitting to magazines can be very difficult.. but even more difficult when you do it on your own back and without help or no links! Im sure you all know this industry is very much about who you know NOT what you know... I will be extremely proud of myself if my project does go through.. I will know that It was based on soley my networking...

Also in the pipe lines (fingers crossed it goes through) an interview for a TV show... more of that later when I find out the details. I was overly excited when I was asked by the producer of the show... But we'll see how that pans out..

I had a shoot the other day With an amazing model from New York, she is only here till the 9th of March but is hoping to move to London.. So I will be deff working with her again. She had the most amazing face, her cheek bones went on forever!! LOL
It was really interesting to hear about all of the jobs she has done.. Including her experienece modelling with Tyra Banks on her show. How cool is that... I was overwelmed to have someone in my house so humble who had met a supermodel... amazing stuff.

The shoot was soo much fun... Me Chantelle and Hayley had such a giggle and we worked on some really good stuff. Unfortunatly I cant show you anything as yet.

The wedding photography business is picking up slowly but surely... I will be handling alot of the back end of the business whilst I work on my own projects and other work I have at the moment! Sarah will be shooting a wedding abroad... which will be really exciting to see the results.

I will update very soon.

hope you are all well

Ciao for now!!

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