Thursday, 12 March 2009

So you want to be a Londoner??

Im a born and bread Londoner.... I grew up and live on a council estate situated in South East London (Its actually a really nice and quiet council estate), Im extremely street smart and know exactly when I being treated differently, looked at differently and have also experienced a fair amount of racism.

My family come from all different Places.. My Nan being Anglo Indian (half white, half indian), my dad Is african born with Hindu family. The children in our family were always taught to respect every religion seeing as though we had such a mix in our family. We celebrate everything from Christmas, easter, Eid, Diwali... You name it we celebrate it and respect it!

Growing up On a council estate is probably made me the person I am today... I would not change it for the world. I am extremely proud of where Im from and do not like the "stereotype" that is often labeled with people who live on council estates. I can honestly say that there is alot of unknown and unseen talents that rise from council estates.. "were not all riff raff".

I also do not consider myself as some of you would say "one of the lucky ones" because I kept my head on straight, studied hard, got good grades, am extremeley respectful and speak well.

London Is as most of you would say "the city of opportunity" Everyone in the industry wants to live in London and believe that London salary's are alot more.. Its not at all really when recession looms around every corner, Food and actually almost everything costs so much now days. London is a mess.. and It will only get worse over the next 10 years!

I still Live at home with my parents, It works out just about fine for me I shoot at home, kinda like office hour's unless the shoot needs a larger space in which a studio is hired. I will eventually move out to a nice place of my own big enough to dedicate a room for my studio. I have always been bought up to be independant... My parents never spoon fed me, even if they had the means too. I worked my ass off for everything I own including all of my camera equipment... and unfortunatly for me.. I only settle for the best which can be very expensive.

Dont get me wrong.. I Love London... Its home and home will always be home!..Its just... London life is really not as easy as it seems!

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