Saturday, 7 March 2009

Overated or what!!!

I have had the longest day today...come home, put my feet up and what do I see on the homepage of my AOL news page?
Chris Brown and Rhianna!!!
I mean come on I think those two have had enough publicity from what he did to her. Yes I did very much feel sorry for her after seeing the picture of her bruised and broken face.. but then I also heard she has gone and married him? Is this true?? I bloody hope not!!!

It does make me a little sick.. I am in every way against voilence against women.. If I ever saw a man beating a women I would feel olbliged to step in, take off my fabulous shoe and beat him with it.. So saying that I am extremely aganist Chris Browns spokes person speaking on his behalf... I mean why are you even justifying what he did to her. I really do hope women are not blind sided by this and think its ok to go back to man who does that to you.. Let me tell you something " IT REALLY IS NOT"

anyhoo.... thats my little rant for the day.... hope you are all well, I will be spending this wknd looking after my mummy... bless her she had a little op.

ciao for now


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