Thursday, 12 March 2009

Liz Earle Skin care.... Try it!!

'Liz earle naturally active skincare' Is a skincare range that is totally natural.. all natural ingredients, not tested on animals or genetically modified.

I swear by this for my skin... I discovered Liz earle 2 years ago, when I first fell extremely ill.. My skin was awful.. really grey and it showed that I had been really ill. My neighbour recommended Liz earle to me. I ordered all the essentials from QVC and loved it. Its really like no other skincare Ive have ever tried. Seen as though it was working so well for me.. I recommended it to my mum.. who now by the way cannot live with out it.

some of my faves and a few extra's that I use-

-cleanse and polish with muslin cloth
-instant boost skin tonic
- skin repair moisturiser.
-gentle face exfoliator
-deep cleansing mask
-day and night eye care duo.

If your ever having problems with your skin.. you all should deff try Liz earle... It really is amazing stuff.. and the reason why I can get away with NOT wearing any makeup most of the time!! LOL

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