Thursday, 19 March 2009

Fabulous creativity!!!!

Ive been doing some fab shoots over the last couple of weeks.. In particular the one I did on the 17th... all will be revealed very soon.
The concept styling,makeup,hair and pretty much everything was fab... I can't stop looking at the pics. Im sooo in awe over them.

The team was amazing, chantelle (makeup junkie) did the makeup, hair was done by Kim Roy who was soo lovely to work with... I was soo amazed when she was making the hair.. She did the hair with hair pieces NOT wigs which I thought was amazing!! (you'll see why when you see the finished pics). It really was amazing to watch... I always make sure on shoot days I have everything set up before hand so I can watch the makeup and hair be done... styling was also done by Chantelle as she has been wanting to get into styling as she did studied styling and textiles at Uni... She had some amazing stuff that she bought with her... it was perfect for the concept!!!
We worked with an amazing model From Nevs Models- Ashleigh. I was so pleased she wanted to work with us as shes hardly ever tests. Ashleigh has also just done the Tigi Campaign it will be fab to see her on the posters etc.
Here are some behind the scene pics.. I cant show too much as I dont want to give the concept away, But like I said all will be revealed soon enough

P.s Please excuse our tired looking selves... we were knackered!!

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