Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Christmas 2008 and Plans for 09!!

Hiya guys....

Hope you all had a lovely christmas and a Happy New year to you all...

Gosh I dont know where to start... I had a lovely christmas.. very tiring I must say as I have a huuugggeee family... and there are so many people to see at christmas time, sometimes you just cant keep up.
December was an extremely busy month for me... I had work coming out of my earholes... to the point where I had to move shoots into Jan... So I also have a busy first few months of 09 to look forward to..

I have decided that this year im going to be really on the ball... I plan to work with as many creative people as I can this year.. as I really want to change how my book looks... I have so many ideas and projects in the pipe lines and the plans for them seem to be coming together well.

I am now one half of a wedding photography business that Myself and the lovely Sarah louise have put together... Please check out the site. http://www.allisdream.com/
Its lovely and I cant wait to start getting more bookings. I think wedding photography can be really tricky and very daunting as well If your going in alone... So im looking forward to having someone to do it with.

Anyway thats it for now.. I will deff start posting here more too.... Ill leave you with some pics from over xmas.


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