Thursday, 17 December 2009

I dream to be a movie star!

I'm extremely happy that I am actually sticking to my plan about doing more self portraits, I don't even know why I stopped in the first place.
In the past I have done self portraits but never really concentrated on the makeup... To be honest I'm more of a skincare girl and don't really pay much mind to makeup.. meaning I'm really no good at it. Recently I have been learning makeup techniques and of course I watch all the fabulous makeup artists at play during our shoots.

This self portrait was inspired by Marilyn Monroe, I wanted to create a real romantic movie star image. I took a tutorial on how to achieve her makeup look and it was more simple than I thought. Let me know what you think :)

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Self Portrait time

So as discussed in my previous blog entry I have indeed kept to my word, I did some self portraits today. It reminded me of how much I love doing them and that I shouldn't get lazy and not do them

It can be very time consuming but really worth it in the end, I find when I do self portraits it really quite therapeutic and relaxing. It also give me and excuse to have some fab photos of my myself and really play around with the retouching.

Ciao for now

Friday, 27 November 2009

New hair and the feeling of positivity

My hair is something that has been pissing me off for ages, Its grows at stupid rates and was just feeling lifeless and limp. I really fancied a new look but wasn't sure what to have done. I was originally planning to go short but as usual my hairdresser always refuses to cut my hair off. My hair was all one length and I use to have an amazing lady Gaga bang fringe. It had all grown out and just felt really heavy at the bottom.. anyway I'm happy with the cut I have now. Take a little looksy below.

I'm also planning to start doing self portraits again, I always love doing a self portrait and don't really have an excuse as to why I don't do them anymore. I have some really cool ideas of what I want to achieve and it also gives me a chance to try out new lighting styles too.

Christmas is near... I like a big kid.. always excited!!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

My love for shoes- Topshop aggie boots!!

I'm sooo excited.. I finally managed to get my hands on these yummy topshop boots. My first attempt failed miserably, I was shopping for them online as all the stores seem to have sold out. I was delighted to see that they had my size in stock but when I got to the check out it said 'sold out'! I could have cried :(. Anyhoo... the following Monday I managed to get them online to only find out my brothers girlfriend gets 25% off, So i waited for them to arrive, took them to the store returned and re-bought them at 25% off. Long winded I know... but I managed to get a bargain!!

I'm off to see New Moon tonight.. has anyone seen it as yet? Its not received good reviews from what I have read, but I'm a huge fan so Ill like it either way!! (I hope)

Monday, 23 November 2009

Long time no blog...

Hey guys how yall doing? Gosh Ive not updated this blog in yonks!!

So here's a huge update for you all.

I took a small break from photography so I could get on with other business and also to get some test shoots done. I also started up two new blogs (Ill get to those later down)

During my break I was taking on retouching work which I found a little boring as I was retouching everyone else's great work and not my own, but on a plus my retouching skills have gotten better and better, I have learnt some great new skills which I'm over the moon about. Sometimes you need a break from doing what you love to give yourself some time to refresh your ideas and realise how much you love it!

The fall has bought me some great work, this time of year always gets very busy and I'm happy to be shooting again, as soon as things die down I plan to start testing again too, there are so many things I want to work on and I have been gathering up ideas and am raring to go! The short break has done me good.

I have always been a lover of skincare so I decided to start a beauty, skincare and makeup reviews blog ( I'm very passionate about skin and believe if you look after it you'll gain in the long run. The blog was something I thought id do because I think its important for all busy woman to know about all the great skincare products out there and all the great quick fixes you can use on a daily basis to help your skin that one step further. Please visit the blog, I really hope what I post helps you guys and feel free to comment and leave feedback :)

I also made a sister blog called Wowzashoes ( I'm also crazy about shoes, so this is blog is all about current shoe trends, who's doing what in terms of great shoes, shoe bargains, cheaper alternatives to designer styles and much more. If you're a shoe lover I recommend you check it out, I update on a daily basis.

Anyhoo... I wont babble on but I do plan to start blogging here again too. I have missed updating what I have been getting up to and posting all about my shoots.

Ciao for now

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Learn it, Live it, LOVE IT!!

So... things have been really hectic the last couple of months...

Me & Chantelle have been putting together our next series of shoots that we want to work on. After shooting the amazing 'Albinism' series that was featured in 'Lifescape magazine' it made us realise we really wanted to work on shoots with amazing storylines and issues that can be turned into something beautiful.

Ive not been feeling too good the last week or so.. So I have just been concentrating on getting better and gettting the ball rolling for what in store over the next few months.
Im still on a health kick too.. Ive noticed eating and working out really does help with everyday energy and well being.

Im also addicted to reading at the moment... Ive always been a book worm especially if I read something that gets me hooked. After reading all of Stephanie Mayers Twilight saga Ive moved onto the classics and am Reading Jane Austen. As much as I loved Stephanie Mayers books I really needed something a little more challenging to read. Im currently reading 'Mansfield Park' and quite liking it.. I must say Im not as hooked as I was when I was reading The Twilight sagas but I think that says more about my love for 'Edaward Cullen' and not my love for reading LOL. I have a huge list of books I want to read and the list seems to get larger everyday.

Moving on... I discovered these amazing designers who make the most fabulous leather jackets check them out There jackets are amazing.. I have to own one... Ive always been quite a little fashionista but have noticed recently that my wardorbe needs a update... So I am officially on a major shopping spree for new clothes, bags, acessories etc. I cant wait.

Anyhoo.. thats all for now


p.s check out my interview with bloggers Ohh la lavely -

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Magazine editorials July 09

Hiya Guys

I have two spreads in Lifescape magazine.. check them out.. you may not be able to read them.. if you cant you can pick up a copy online @ or in whsmiths or borders. Supermarkets also stock too. The Albinism write up is very interesting...


Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Priya Sonn Retouching

Hey Guys

Just to let you all know I am now taking on retouching work...whislt im concentrating on my own portfolio I will be taking on retouching work please check out my examples (more to come) also all my work is retouched by myself. I offer great deals on 5+ Images too.


Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Lifescape magazine editorials

Hey all

I have two editorials in the July issue of Lifescape magazine... One is a beauty spread and the other is a fashion with a political write up On Albinism. Its a really beautiful shoot with an amazing article please have a read.

I will post up screen shots when the mag is out... Lifescape can be bought online @ or in Borders.

Enjoy and I would love all your feedback on the spreads



Monday, 15 June 2009

Exciting things ahead and future progress....

Hey guys...

Im really excited as Ive seen the pages of my mag features for July.. They look HOT!!! I cant wait till there in print!!!!

Also... Ive apodted a healthy lifestyle, Ive been a little bit of a health freak for a while now but sometimes routines can slip. Over easter my eating habbits just got really bad and it reflected on my general health. I have now got back into routine and feel great, I have alot more energy too which is what I need.

At the moment im eating healthy without snacking.. and if I do snack its on raw veg, fruit and dried fruit too. (Organic dried mango is yummy) Im eating Brown rice and salad and opting for lighter evening meals as appose to heavy ones.
Drinking smoothies for breaky is also helping as I dont feel hungry too soon after a good smoothie.

Im also running everyday which is really helping my lower body strength, I also try and pump weights when I can in the week for around 20mins to really work on my upper body strength. All in all im liking this new lifestyle of working out and watching what I eat. Overall energy is fab which I love!! on a downer.. My hayfever is killing me!! LOL

Shooting is going great with some really fab shoots lined up.. getting on the ball and cant wait to see results.

Also a few weeks ago I had an email from one of my photography idols Nisha Kutty (

Nisha is a female asian Photographer based in New York and Bombay.. It was so lovely to hear from her, I had to read the email quite a few times before I even believed she had written to me.. amazing lady who gave me some really good advice which I have taken into consideration for my future projects.

Hope yo Londoners are enjoying this fab weather.. I am!!!

ciao for now


Monday, 8 June 2009

Customise your own!!!

Hey guys

Myself and Chantelle did a fab shoot the other day with customised sunglasses. I made 2 pairs and chantelle made one pair. We also used a pair of un- customised glasses which were fabulous.

It was a really fun shoot and just goes to show how creative you can be when you really put your mind to it. Unfortunatly I always felt I was only creative when my camera was invloved... How wrong was I???..... I loved the glasses that I made and will deff incorporate customising things myself for future creative shoots.

There are so many pics for me to go through. I edited a few on the day which I now will go bk and re-edit properly (Im a perfectionist like that)
Hear are some behind the scene shots and One finished shot.

Friday, 29 May 2009

New Hair and Loving it!!!

Nothing to do with my work.. But I have new Hair and I love it!!! LOL
Will post a blog about work next week

Ciao for now yall.....
p.s Check out my feature in the June 09 Issue of Practical Photography.. fab article with some fab talent!!!!! available in whsmiths, Borders and all supermarkets!!!! :-)

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Practical Photography June 09 Feature!!

Hey Yallll
I was featured In the June 09 Issue of Practical Photography.

The feature Titled 'Young, Female and Talented' consists of 7 Different artists and their self portriats. I was so happy to be asked to be apart of this.
Its a really good read and a fab article and very different from the norm as Psychologist 'David Moxon' gives his views on each portrait and the defence Mechanism behind them... Interesting stuff!
Get your copy of PP and have a read :-)



Friday, 15 May 2009

The Twilight Books...

I watched the Twilight film for the first time around 3 weeks ago....Considering I thought it was just another 'Underworld' 'Blade' style Vampire movie... How wrong was I?

Im not really into romance films I prefer action, thrillers and all that jazz type of films.. But I could not believe how much I loved the film. I fell inlove with Edward Cullen.. who hasnt?
So anyway a friend of mine also a major twilight freak like myself was reading the books and told me I should invest. So I went and bought the books, all 4 of them.. and believe or not I have not been able to put them down... they are really amazing books... I wouldnt say they are the most difficult books in the English lanuage to read but they are a really good read and the film relates so much to them its uncanny how you picture it in your mind whilst reading.
So girlies... if you all have fell inlove with a vampire like I have I suggest you go and get the books I really enjoyed reading.. which has put me behind on my work as I have not been able to put them down!!!!


Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Elizabeth Arnold London

Ive been meaning to write this blog for days...

A couple of weeks ago I did the look book for the fabulous Elizabeth Arnold.

Elizabeth (Libby) Is in her final year at LFC. I shot her A/W 09 Rebellion collection. Myself and Libby went to college together many years back. I was thrilled when she asked if I would do her lookbook for her shoe collection. Her style of shoe design is amazing, creative and not to mention just plain and simply fabulous. I was secretly hoping she would leave the shoes behind hahhah. Not that they would fit me.

We shot studio product shots of the shoes and also did legs shots outdoors. Unfortuantly the weather was not on our side but I think we did ok considering

Here are a few finished shots from the shoot.

I edited them in a few different ways to have more choice as you can see.

Elizabeth Arnold a name you will deff be hearing very soon... With offers from Top shoe designer Jimmy Choo im sure Libby will have a promisng career.

I know I will be bugging libby to make me some shoes. lol

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Things I love!!!!

Hey dude's and dudette's!!

How yall doing? Im dying to put up new work that I have done but cant as its all magazine submissions!! DAMMIT!! anyhoo... you'll all get to see it all soon.
Ive been extremely busy working on my portfolio and getting some tearsheets... as well as my normal busy work schdule. Im lucky enough to get some really good paid assignments but unfortunatly nothing I would want to put in my portfolio :-(

So dont under estimate me...I have NOT dissapeared. Now that Im sattified with the magazines submisions over the next few months I will be working on my port. I have loads of shoots planned and some fab ideas I really want to work on woooohoooo I cant wait to get cracking!! LOL
Anyway... Here are some things I Adore like crazy!!!! Twilight is pretty new as I only watched It yesterday... deff a film that will stick always!!

Im sure there is plenty more but I cant think of all at the moment!!! LOL
I did a shoot with a fabulous shoe designer on tues.. I will post up a blog with pics 2mo.
ciao for now

Sunday, 19 April 2009


I got my first feature in 'what digital camera' magazine critique by Martin Evening!
Im so over the moon.... Its my first time being published!!! wooohooooo.

The image was scanned in so sorry about the quality. Other than that I have an awful cold that Im really trying to shift.


Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Deep Thoughts!!

As I sit here and began to write this blog.. all sorts of thoughts looming and I cant help but wonder... does being Ethnic mean I will loose out on certain things, job opportunitys, etc? I mean lets be much as the world has changed you still get the odd narrow minded person who will shun you because of your skin colour.
Im not at all pulling a race card... just expressing what I have indeed experienced in the past!!! and believe me I have experienced my fair share of it!!!!

Im a facebook socialite.... I must say I do enjoy networking on the site... I have also been lucky enough to meet many of my clients on there too...

I was browsing through the other day and came across and facebook group, I dont even know how such a group was even allowed to be made " British jobs for Real British people" ok so maybe im a little rusty on what certain people think "real British people are" but I pretty sure that was a dig at Ethnics... So I went on to read some of the comments on the group (which by the way was a really bad idea, as I was only going to get really annoyed.) The comments were just damn right rude!!! I was overly affended!!
Now me being real as always.. would have thought those people would be more annoyed at MP's who buy things for thier home eg. Fully fitted kitchens, plug holes, Porn Dvd's and much more out of tax payers money than be annoyed at ethnic people working and paying thier taxes???

just something I really needed to air out!!!

Rant over

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Fabulous creativity!!!!

Ive been doing some fab shoots over the last couple of weeks.. In particular the one I did on the 17th... all will be revealed very soon.
The concept styling,makeup,hair and pretty much everything was fab... I can't stop looking at the pics. Im sooo in awe over them.

The team was amazing, chantelle (makeup junkie) did the makeup, hair was done by Kim Roy who was soo lovely to work with... I was soo amazed when she was making the hair.. She did the hair with hair pieces NOT wigs which I thought was amazing!! (you'll see why when you see the finished pics). It really was amazing to watch... I always make sure on shoot days I have everything set up before hand so I can watch the makeup and hair be done... styling was also done by Chantelle as she has been wanting to get into styling as she did studied styling and textiles at Uni... She had some amazing stuff that she bought with her... it was perfect for the concept!!!
We worked with an amazing model From Nevs Models- Ashleigh. I was so pleased she wanted to work with us as shes hardly ever tests. Ashleigh has also just done the Tigi Campaign it will be fab to see her on the posters etc.
Here are some behind the scene pics.. I cant show too much as I dont want to give the concept away, But like I said all will be revealed soon enough

P.s Please excuse our tired looking selves... we were knackered!!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Liz Earle Skin care.... Try it!!

'Liz earle naturally active skincare' Is a skincare range that is totally natural.. all natural ingredients, not tested on animals or genetically modified.

I swear by this for my skin... I discovered Liz earle 2 years ago, when I first fell extremely ill.. My skin was awful.. really grey and it showed that I had been really ill. My neighbour recommended Liz earle to me. I ordered all the essentials from QVC and loved it. Its really like no other skincare Ive have ever tried. Seen as though it was working so well for me.. I recommended it to my mum.. who now by the way cannot live with out it.

some of my faves and a few extra's that I use-

-cleanse and polish with muslin cloth
-instant boost skin tonic
- skin repair moisturiser.
-gentle face exfoliator
-deep cleansing mask
-day and night eye care duo.

If your ever having problems with your skin.. you all should deff try Liz earle... It really is amazing stuff.. and the reason why I can get away with NOT wearing any makeup most of the time!! LOL