Sunday, 9 November 2008

Lazy Sunday....and More about priya Sonn

So Im sittin in on this awful sunday... Its freezing cold and raining like crazy outside..

Im sittin on my beautiful leather sofa's, reclined with a duvet and a cup of hot green tea... BEAUTIFUL... as much as I was looking foward to going out today.. Ive had the flu for the last 4 days and I think it would be better if I stayed in and infact Im quite content sitting here all nice and cosy.

So as I have nothing to do.. here are some facts you all didnt know about Priya Sonn..

1- I love food..... If im ever mad at you, just make me a beautiful meal WITH dessert, we'll soon be friends again.

2-Ive become a herbal tea freak!! My close friend is vietnamese and is always drinking all these fabulous Herbals tea's.. So ive decided to give up tea and coffee and only drink herbal tea. (we'll see how long that last, but so far im doing very well)

3- Im such a family person... I love my family (close family that is) the rest can get lost!!!

4- I love SHOESSSSSS.... I have over 60 Pairs (this is after a clear out, I have not stocked up as yet)

5-My dream would be to own a fabulous warehouse conversion.. as this would be my home and studio too....

6- I love sundays in with Catherine.... Me and cat often have a quiet sunday in where we watch reality Tv and just sit and catch up, cook great food and have a good banter.. Its great!!!

7- I found the love of my life in college... (but im extremely private were thats concerned and thats all you get to know)

8- Im a real tell it to your face kinda gal.... wether you like to hear it or not..... Ill tell you exactly what I think.

9- I dont believe in OVER CREDIT.. If someones good at something give them there dues.. Im not a ass licker and never will be!

10- I Love music..... its makes me happy

11- I love my job.... its so me and i cant complain

12- I love late night snacks... I often drag steve out late night so we can go for a drive and a late night meal somewhere.....

13-I Love to Dance, dance, dance

14- I love a good shopping trip, but I hate trying things on... its soooo annoying... I must say im a fuss free shopper......

15- I love to be healthy and eat in proportion, eat plenty of Veg and Friut, go gym and do Yoga....
(oh that reminds me, I love friut its yum... There were days last week were I eat two bags of oranges..... still got a rotten cold though even after all that vitamin C)

Anyway My mind has now gone blank so untill next time


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