Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Self Portraits.....

I loveeeeee Doing self portraits but sometimes dont find the time...But ive decided to try and venture out more where my self portraits are concerned...

I had some spare time today so I did some... Ive not edited them all as I had other editing to do from client shoots... but its so hard when you work from home as your always distracted by other things... but im deff going to make a point of getting creative with my self portraits.

Here are some of my faves....

Let me know what you think............

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Lazy Sunday....and More about priya Sonn

So Im sittin in on this awful sunday... Its freezing cold and raining like crazy outside..

Im sittin on my beautiful leather sofa's, reclined with a duvet and a cup of hot green tea... BEAUTIFUL... as much as I was looking foward to going out today.. Ive had the flu for the last 4 days and I think it would be better if I stayed in and infact Im quite content sitting here all nice and cosy.

So as I have nothing to do.. here are some facts you all didnt know about Priya Sonn..

1- I love food..... If im ever mad at you, just make me a beautiful meal WITH dessert, we'll soon be friends again.

2-Ive become a herbal tea freak!! My close friend is vietnamese and is always drinking all these fabulous Herbals tea's.. So ive decided to give up tea and coffee and only drink herbal tea. (we'll see how long that last, but so far im doing very well)

3- Im such a family person... I love my family (close family that is) the rest can get lost!!!

4- I love SHOESSSSSS.... I have over 60 Pairs (this is after a clear out, I have not stocked up as yet)

5-My dream would be to own a fabulous warehouse conversion.. as this would be my home and studio too....

6- I love sundays in with Catherine.... Me and cat often have a quiet sunday in where we watch reality Tv and just sit and catch up, cook great food and have a good banter.. Its great!!!

7- I found the love of my life in college... (but im extremely private were thats concerned and thats all you get to know)

8- Im a real tell it to your face kinda gal.... wether you like to hear it or not..... Ill tell you exactly what I think.

9- I dont believe in OVER CREDIT.. If someones good at something give them there dues.. Im not a ass licker and never will be!

10- I Love music..... its makes me happy

11- I love my job.... its so me and i cant complain

12- I love late night snacks... I often drag steve out late night so we can go for a drive and a late night meal somewhere.....

13-I Love to Dance, dance, dance

14- I love a good shopping trip, but I hate trying things on... its soooo annoying... I must say im a fuss free shopper......

15- I love to be healthy and eat in proportion, eat plenty of Veg and Friut, go gym and do Yoga....
(oh that reminds me, I love friut its yum... There were days last week were I eat two bags of oranges..... still got a rotten cold though even after all that vitamin C)

Anyway My mind has now gone blank so untill next time


Saturday, 8 November 2008

My 5 year Anniversary and Motivation please...

So.... it was mine and stevo's 5 year Anniversary last week....I cant believe its been 5 years.. wow a long time... we met in college and kind of stuck together since. Its great though as we've been through so much together and Im not sure what id do without him.

I took some time off of work as I was running myself in to the ground, It was like work was over flowing out of my ear holes, LOL.
We were planning to go away but then steve's car started having some major probs which would have cost way too much to fix and seen as though we had been looking for a new car anyway, we just decided to get a new one. obviously this took the whole wknd as I didnt want him to settle for a car that he was just buying for the sake of it.... so he looked around and found a lovely car which he's so happy with... I loved the smile on his face the day he bought it home.

After all the car madness we were too tired to go anywhere so we had a nice meal out and a nice evening in...

After the long wknd and stress.. I fell quite ill, must have been beacuase id been mentally drained with everything then really tired from work and planning all the shoots I had to do, so the time off did me some good..but left me quite unmotivated... But now I can slowly feel my motivation coming back and I am now planning some fabulous, crazy, funky creative shoots as My mind is working overtime with creativeness....its great.. I cant wait to get cracking Im soo excited.

This time of the year always seems so busy.. I must say I do love christmas its my favorite time of the year, even though we moan about how much shopping we have to do and presents we have to buy.. I think we all secretly love it!! I know I do!

Ive really enjoyed my time off and Im now back to work and have loads of stuff to do and some exciting works in the pipe lines.... I love my job to bits and cant complain in the least... Just every now and then I think EVERYONE needs a break to recharge thier batteries.....

Will report back soon with all thats been going on...

ciao for now

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Right from the start.......

So here goes my first ever blog.... and where better to start....

Born and bread in London and after studying, Business studies, A levels In sociology and English I realised my main ambition lied in the more creative industry, what can I say im not really a 9-5 kind of girl. I ventured out into the world of photography something that wasn't too new to me as my father was a part time photographer as a side business.I was thrilled to have something to latch on to that I enjoyed as I pretty much was not happy in my job, I had got into retail management, The biggest mistake of my life but hey no regrets.. just always learning.

Slowly building up contacts and investing in all my equipment I was finally at a point where my all so confusing life started to make sense, until I was hit with something I had to eventually come to terms with.. Lymphoma a form of cancer of the Lymph nodes....luckily god was on my side as, I was in the clear but have been left battling an unknown inflammation disease where im in constant contact with hospitals, not to mention the endless appointments. (I almost feel i live at the hospital and should re-decorate)

The uncertainty of the disease leaves me in fear of If i will ever be back to normal but have learned to live with this and I now take each day as it comes... If it doesn't kill you it only makes you stronger.

Im extremely blessed to have the chosen few I call my 'Rocks' in my life... as my illness has broken more than strengthened friendships due to misunderstandings among alot of other things. I thank god that these people have stuck by me and love them dearly.

The future is looking bright..... I plan to go into business with a fellow friend, model and Photographer... Its un canny how much were alike and I hope our businesses thrive as I know we will work extremely hard. There is so much we want to do and achieve and one day it will all be apparent to the world. Most people would say Im the charlotte of the 'sexy and the city' world with a carrie bradshaw twist. Im extremely independent and believe what I believe period! But I am settled in my loyalties with regards to friends, family, Love and of course Privacy. I have been extremely lucky to have worked with a large list of clientele and been commissioned by many businesses. I would say my life is taking a turn in hopes of a path of success but we all know this does NOT come easy and im sure there will be alot of ups and downs, smiles and frowns.

Im extremely proud of where I come from and in every way want to remain this way through any sucess, as I firmly believe I wouldnt be who I am today without where I grew up. We may come from many different backgrounds and grow up in different places.. poor or Rich.. but does that map out our future for us? Do we not make our own destiny?

until next time....